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Contact Lens Handling Munich


If you want to insert or remove the contacts above the sink: Close the drain so that the contact lenses are not lost if they fall.

Tip: Ask for our sink safety mat

Tip: Sit down at a cleanly cleaned table. So that the lens is not lost or scratched if it falls out.

Hygiene and cleanliness are important for contact lenses. Please wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

And here we go – eyelids open

  1. Place the contact lens on the fingertip of your right index finger.
  2. Use the middle finger of your right hand to pull the lower lid down. Use the index finger of your left hand to pull up the upper lid and eyelashes. Pic. 5 3.
  3. guide the index finger with the contact lens to the eye and place the lens with gentle pressure on the middle of the eye Pic. 6
  4. Close the eyes slowly and open them again. Now the contact lens should sit correctly.
  5. repeat the procedure with the other eye.

With a little practice it should work easily.

Inserting soft contact lenses

The first question that arises: Is the contact lens properly turned around?

If the lens edges bulge towards each other, then the contact lens is correct and can be used.
The contact lens is applied to the fingertips. In this case, simply turn the lens over.

Removal of soft contact lenses

Hygiene and cleanliness are important for contact lenses.

1. Please wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

2. Slide the lower lid down with the middle finger  of your right hand. It may be necessary to open the upper lid further with the index finger of the left hand.

3. Slide the contact lens with the index finger of your right hand down onto the white of the eye.

4. Now grasp the edges of the contact lenses with the thumb and index finger of your right hand and push the contact lens lightly together. As soon as air comes between the eye and the contact lens, the contact lens can be easily removed.

Practice makes perfect…

Putting on / inserting of dimensionally stable – hard contact lenses


Please wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with a lint-free towel.
Then remove the contact lenses from the container and look for any foreign objects on the contact lens.
If there is anything on the lens, rinse the lens with the storage fluid or saline solution.
Important: To avoid infection of the eye, never rinse or insert the contact lens with tap water before inserting it.

So let’s get started :

1. place the contact lens on the index finger
2. pull the lower lid down with the middle finger of the inserting hand.
3. pull the upper lid upwards with the index finger of the other hand. Now your eye should be wide open.
4. Then put the contact lens on your eye.

Tip: Make sure that you place the contact lens as centrally as possible on the pupil.

5.Now you can carefully release the eyelids and the contact lenses center themselves.

Removing the contact lenses

Before removing contact lenses, please wash your hands thoroughly to avoid eye infections.

Pulling the eyelid – Method
The contact lens is only removed with the fingers.

  1. open your eyelid wide and place your fingertip into the outer eyelid angle
  2. please now pull the eyelid edges towards the ear tightly and blink
  3. the contact lens falls into the held hand

Acceptance with a teat

Here the contact lens is removed with a special suction cup.

Attention: There are different suction cups

  • Hollow suction cup (orange) must be compressed here
  • Full teat, this sucks automatically without pressing on the contact lens (we recommend this in general)
  1. Please moisten the suction surface with saline solution or storage liquid.
  2. then open your eyelid wide with thumb and index finger and
  3. slightly compress the teat (not required for the teat)
  4. SNow place the teat centrally on the contact lens – Tip: You can orient yourself by the pupil
  5. now reduce the pushing with suction cup (only for the suction cup)
  6. Now the teat adheres to the contact lens and you can easily remove the contact lens from the surface of the eye.

Tip: After very long contact lens wear, we recommend wetting the eyes with saline solution or storage liquid before removing the contact lens.
Simply add a drop of liquid to the eye. This will make it easier for you to remove your contact lens.

Do you need any help ?