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Hearing aids Munich


In our hearing aid studio we offer you hearing aid fitting made to measure. By a comprehensive analysis of your hearing ability we achieve with appropriate fitting or fine tuning – hearing almost like before.
We are specialised in inner ear- hearing aids. These hearing aids sit completely in the ear and are therefore invisible from the outside.Of course, you can also test open hearing systems or behind the ear hearing aids at our hearin aid studio.

We work closely together with the leading hearing aid manufacturers BernafonOticonSiemens and Starkey.

Mr. Michael Geyer ( master hearing aid acoustician ) will be happy to answer your questions.


hoergeraete muenchen - Hoergeraete Muenchen EN
Your acoustician in Munich
Our services at a glance
  • Personal consultation – we take our time for you!
  • Non-binding hearing test
  • Detailed testing of different hearing systems
  • Fitting of individual inner ear hearing aids also possible
  • latest technology in all price ranges
  • Supplier of all well-known hearing aid manufacturers
  • hearing instrument accessories
  • Individual hearing protection
  • Special in-the-ear hearing aids
General information about hearing aids
Procedure of a hearing aid fitting:

At the beginning we start with a preliminary talk. Here you will be asked various questions about your hearing sphere.
Based on this information, we can suggest an exact pre-selection after the hearing measurements.

Now the hearing measurement starts:

The first step is to do a sound audiometry. Different tones are played back via headphones and you
must inform us as soon as you hear the sound for the first time. This process is repeated with
different pitches. This allowed us to determine from when you begin to hear.
In the following test the upper limit of hearing is determined.

The tone audiometry is followed by the speech audiometry:

The speech understanding is determined here. Various
groups of words are played. You will then have to repeat these, which is not always easy.
Based on the measured values, we can suggest the ideal hearing systemsand hearing aids. The variants “Behind the ear  hearing aids” and “In the ear hearing systems” offer various advantages, which we explain to you on the basis of your hearing loss. We offer you the opportunity to test different hearing systems and to test them in detail in your personal hearing environment. Of course, we will explain the functions, handling and care of the hearing aids to you sphere.
We are looking forward to your visit.

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