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Our assortment consists of a large number of selected quality frames. So we have the right glasses for every taste, for every type and for every age group.

Better vision and appearance: the optimum for your eyes.


Silhouette glasses

• the company with headquarters in Linz was founded in 1964
• the high-quality glasses are produced exclusively in Linz
• Silhouette stands for exquisite design glasses in absolute lightness and offers highest wearing comfort
• High-tech titanium is used, which is characterised by its resistance and skin compatibility.
• Models from 289,00 Euro available

Silhouette Brillen München

Markus T. glasses

• the company with headquarters in Gütersloh was founded in 1999
• the glasses are 100% “Made in Germany”
• The trademark is the unconventional square hinge block, which ensures long durability and mobility of the hangers
• High-quality titanium is used, which is durable, light and anti-allergenic
• The glasses are manufactured without screws and are therefore not maintenance-intensive
• Models from 359,00 Euro available

Markus T Brillen München

Hamburg Eyewear glasses

• the company with headquarters in Hamburg was founded in 2005
• typical for Hamburg Eyewear is the Nordic restraint, such as no label on the temple and the classic shapes and colors
• Only high-quality acetate and titanium are used.
• Models from 189,00 Euro available

Hamburg Eyewear Brillen München

Götti glasses

• the company based in Wädenswil (Switzerland) was founded in 1993
• The frames are characterised by harmonious proportions, timeless design and functionality.
• the materials used are acetate, stainless steel and 3D printing
• each frame is polished by hand which gives each pair of glasses that certain something that makes Götti so exceptional
• the most innovative collection from Götti is called Dimension and is produced in 3D printing. These frames are much lighter than acetate and are characterized by simplicity and a certain elasticity. • Models are available from 289,00 Euro

Brillen Götti München

Miamai glasses

• with glasses from MiaMai you hold a piece of Munich in your hands
• the company is located in Munich and was founded in 2007
• the design of the glasses reflects the fresh Bavarian style
• Only the highest quality materials such as acetate, stainless steel and titanium are used.
• Models from 189,00 Euro available

Maimai Brillen Logo München

Rodenstock glasses

• Founded in Munich in 1877, Rodenstock not only produces the highest quality glass but also offers timeless classics and modern design pieces.
• Models from ….. Euro available

Rodenstock Brillen München

Imago glasses

• the company was founded in Munich-Ramersdorf in 1990
• In 1996 I-Spax came on the market, which is characterized by a stable and simple design and to this day convinces with high quality.
• since 2014 there is the collection series Ultralight which distinguishes itself by lightness and technically fastidious Design
• Models from 189,00 Euro available

Brillen Imago München

Charles Stone NY glasses

• the company is headquartered in New York
• here you will find a fashionably colourful collection, thin and fine with subtle retro elements that round off the whole, just the right thing to look for the extraordinary.
• Models from 189,00 Euro available

Brillen Charles Stone München

Dilem glasses

• the company with headquarters in Morbier (France) was founded in 2006
• Dilem has a patented eyeglass system with modern interchangeable temples
• The temples are made of a technically particularly resistant polymer
• Bewitching colours such as raspberry, mango, chocolate, coconut and unusual motifs and creations tempt you to change the temples
• Models from 249,00 Euro available

Brillen Dilem München

Etnia Barcelona glasses

• prescription eyewear brand
• It is still a very young brand, it was founded in 2001
• Characterised by unusual colours and shapes
• At Etnia Barcelona, the acetate is extracted from recyclable cotton material
• Models from 219,00 Euro available

Brillen Etnia München


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