Maui Jim glasses Munich

Maui Jim was founded in 1980 as a small company selling sunglasses on the Ka’anapali coast in Lahaina, Maui. When it was discovered that there was a need in the marketplace that combined the protection from the intense glare, the harmful UV rays with the brilliant colors of the island, the revolutionary PolarizedPlus2 glass technology was developed.

What began as a classic collection of seven models evolved into over 125 different sunglass models, all polarized and 100% protected against UV-A and UV-B rays.

The main office is located in Lahaina on Maui and we still design and test all our sunglasses there. Outstanding testing possibilities, because on Maui the sun shines very intensively and the UV radiation is quite high.

Maui Jim lenses combine glare, color enhancement, polarization and UV protection in one. With the glasses from Maui Jim, you can see everything smoothly and pin sharp. A difference that will immediately strike you. Because with normal sunglasses lenses you will find out for yourself that the colors are much weaker and the contrast subsides. Not like the glasses of Maui Jim, see for yourself and admire the rich variety of colors and depth perception you get with sunglasses, just like you would not wear sunglasses. No matter where you are, do not worry about the health of your eyes, as they are perfectly protected from UV radiation by the Maui Jim lenses.

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